Infertility is no longer difficult

Combination of Chinese and Western Dialectical implementation

It's easy to get pregnant, and symptomatic treatment is enough

  • Tubal blockage Easy to get pregnant

  • Polycystic ovaryIt is not difficult to cure pregnancy

  • Irregular menstruationYou can get pregnant

  • Uterine fibroidsCure pregnancy fast

  • Fallopian tube examinationI know that pregnancy is fast

  • Cure habitAbortion easy pregnancy

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HarMoniCare infertility diagnosis and treatment

It is a professional clinic with high starting point, high standard and high quality established by international standards.
The department brings together domestic infertility diagnosis and treatment experts,
connected with advanced medical science and technology, and the technical resources of strong cooperation,
guarantee the scientific nature of HarMoniCare infertility diagnosis and treatment.
Complete immune system and sex hormone detection methods,
can make rapid and accurate diagnosis of the cause, and provide a strong etiological basis for treatment.
Relying on a series of professional imported equipment, combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine for various treatments Causes of infertility

Targeted development of special inspections
Accurate inspection to determine the cause

One-to-one formulation of pregnancy plan
Differentiation of symptoms and signs, full guidance

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HarMoniCare integrated Chinese and Western special diagnosis and treatment services

  • Combination of Chinese and Western Medicine to Treat Infertility

  • Fertility assessment

  • Eugenics and pregnancy guidance

  • Shenzhen HarMoniCare Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital has systematic and standardized mature technology and scientific treatment methods for the diagnosis and treatment of female infertility. It integrates Chinese and Western medicine treatment, high-tech physical therapy, minimally invasive and less painful surgical treatment, and psychological guidance for patients. Develop a scientific and reasonable personalized diagnosis and treatment plan.

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  • Shenzhen HarMoniCare Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital launched a fertility assessment service, mainly for a comprehensive scientific evaluation of the medical history, occupation, diet, living environment, female ovulation, fallopian tube function, ovarian function and male semen of pregnant couples. According to the data obtained after the system evaluation, to clarify the fertility status, the possibility of natural childbirth, and the probability of having a healthy baby, to prepare for the creation of a healthy baby plan.

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  • A large number of medical studies and clinical cases show that the correct preparation of the physical and psychological conditions of parents before pregnancy is the key to prenatal and postnatal care. Shenzhen HarMoniCare Maternity Hospital is the first to establish a pre-pregnancy health intervention system to help and guide pregnant couples to conceive a healthy and smart baby.

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