Postpartum follow-up visit

Time arrangement for postpartum follow-up visit

Phone call consultation within 15 working days after delivery,
pay attention to the health of the mother and the child.

Number of postpartum visits

Each woman who gave birth at HarMoniCare will be seven days and 14 days after delivery.
Two postnatal visits and health guidance will be conducted by midwives and doctors.

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The content of postpartum follow-up visit

1. Understand maternal health status. These include blood pressure, body temperature, weight, wound healing, observation of lochia and traits, mastitis and postpartum depression.

2. Provide breastfeeding guidance when necessary. Improve the success rate of breastfeeding and prevent the occurrence of acute mastitis.

3. Give mothers the guidance of scientific confinement.

4. Ask about the general status of the newborn and find abnormalities such as neonatal jaundice and eczema.

5. Tell them the time of vaccination.

6. Make an appointment for the baby to come to the hospital for review within 15 days and for the postpartum checkup for 42 days.

7. Provide contraceptive guidance.

View details of postpartum follow-up visit

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