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The importance of pregnancy

Preparing for pregnancy is the preparations made by both spouses for childbirth, including Preparation for pregnancy is the preparation made by both spouse for childbirth, including physical and mental aspects. Among them, the important thing is the parents' physical health status, which is the basis for a healthy baby. Scientific pregnancy preparation can effectively prevent birth defects and reduce the risk of pregnancy, while pregnancy preparation examination can determine whether the physical condition of the couple is in a healthy state suitable for pregnancy.

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Appropriate time for pregnancy test

  • More suitable is 3-6 months before pregnancy

    Check-up time before pregnancy
  • In order to check the accuracy of the results, it is recommended to check after 2-7 days of abstinence

    Male semen examination
  • Pay attention to the time issue of the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle should be checked for 3-7 days after the menstruation is completely clean. During the check-up period, sexual life should be controlled for 3 days

    Female check
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The following people need to pay special attention to pregnancy test

  • 1. Pregnancy for advanced age
  • 2. second child pregnancy
  • 3. Bad birth history to prepare for pregnancy
  • 4. Keep a pet for pregnancy
  • Part1. Advanced age pregnant, pregnant examination should be taken seriously

    As the age increases, the fertility of both men and women decreases, the chance of women becoming pregnant becomes less, and the spontaneous abortion rate increases. So what kind of examinations should be done for the elderly family to prepare for pregnancy?

    Pregnant mother
    Mandatory inspection items

    Genetic test
    Take blood to check chromosome, blood type, gene analysis.

    Genital examination
    Do B-ultrasound to understand the uterus, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes.

    Infection check
    Leucorrhea and blood tests must be done to exclude trichomoniasis and mold

    Mycoplasma, rubella virus, cytomegalovirus infection.

    Endocrine examination
    Take blood to check thyroid function, blood sugar and sex hormones.

    Immune check
    Take blood for anti-sperm antibodies, anti-lecithin antibodies, anti-endometrial antibodies, lupus factors, etc.

    Environmental inspection
    Do trace element detection or detection of peculiar smell environment.

    Pregnant dad
    Mandatory inspection items

    Semen analysis
    This will help to understand male fertility. The inspection includes color, volume, liquefaction time, pH, sperm count, motility, survival rate and morphology.

    For male pre-pregnancy examination, except for semen examination as a mandatory item, the rest should be selected according to the specific situation of the patient

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  • Part2. Second-born mothers are at high risk, so pregnancy examinations are indispensable

    Second-born mother
    Must do pregnancy test

    Basic items (must do)
    Gynecological hand examination, cervical TCT or Pap smear, transvaginal ultrasound.

    Suggested projects
    (You can filter according to your own situation)
    Cervical HPV testing, TORCH IgM, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS, syphilis screening, routine examination of leucorrhea, and inspection of infection items such as mycoplasma and chlamydia

    Examination of endocrine items
    Five hormones, three thyroid function, obese people check fasting insulin and 2 blood glucose (fasting, 2 hours after meal)

    Breast ultrasound, thyroid B ultrasound, liver and kidney function tests
    There are medical diseases, especially if the first child is a high-risk pregnancy, the second child needs to be checked for related aspects, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, lupus erythematosus an examination.

    Second-born dad
    Must do pregnancy test

    Semen analysis
    This will help to understand male fertility. The inspection includes color, volume, liquefaction time, pH, sperm count, motility, survival rate and morphology.

    For male pre-pregnancy examination, except for semen examination as a mandatory item, the rest should be selected according to the specific situation of the patient

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  • Part3. Don't worry about bad birth history, take the first step to prepare for pregnancy

    For special medical history in obstetrics and gynecology, such as: infertility, habitual premature abortion, birth history of congenital malformations, unexplained stillbirth, history of neonatal death and genetic history, etc., corresponding examinations are required to analyze the causes, and treat and improve Outcome of pregnancy.

    Check item
    Inspection items: Couple chromosome, abortion immunity series, thyroid function, glucose metabolism, iodine, lead and occupational toxicant testing, blood coagulation function (anticardiolipin antibody, antinuclear antibody, lupus coagulant, blood coagulation five items), hormone measurement, semen measurement , Hysteroscopy, treatment of complications, etc.

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  • Part4. Pregnancy and pets must be cut off?

    Before getting pregnant, women who keep pets have to do a test called TORCH, which will find out if they are infected with Toxoplasma gondii. If the TORCH test shows that you have been infected with Toxoplasma gondii, you don’t need to worry, because the hostess has already produced antibodies; if it shows that you have never been infected, it means that you have no immunity. Then you should pay attention to the way and the way of feeding your pet throughout the pregnancy. Your own food hygiene; if the test results show that you are infected, you can’t get pregnant temporarily; if the hostess's TORCH test shows that you are infected with Toxoplasma gondii within 3 months of pregnancy, you should stop the pregnancy immediately, because the infection with Toxoplasma gondii will affect the development of the fetus The impact is more serious.

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Precautions for other preparations

  • Pregnancy and nutrition should be balanced

    There is no unified professional answer to the question of what to eat is better before pregnancy, but one thing for certain: eating more and expensive is not the same as eating well. It is important to arrange daily meals scientifically and achieve a balanced and comprehensive nutrition ratio.

    Understanding nutrition management consulting
  • Supplement folic acid before pregnancy

    According to the research, start taking 400MG of folic acid a day before pregnancy can reduce the risk of neural tube defects and birth defects by 70% in newborns. Therefore, couples trying to conceive should start taking folic acid before pregnant.

    Why should folic acid be supplemented before pregnancy?
  • Life preparation before pregnancy

    In the three months before pregnancy, you should pay attention to recuperate, ensure adequate sleep, try not to stay up late, go to bed early and get up early; according to your own preferences, according to the actual situation to carry out necessary physical exercise, in order to enhance the physique, maintain a good physical condition.

    Need to rest for a few hours every day before pregnancy
  • Quit smoking and alcohol before pregnancy

    Smoking and drinking can be a serious obstacle to a healthy pregnancy for couples as planning to get pregnant. These bad habits should be stopped before pregnancy to avoid affecting the development of sperm or eggs, resulting in sperm or egg abnormalities.

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Advantages of HarMoniCare pregnancy test

  • Experienced team of experts

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  • Customize and prepare pregnancy packages

    HarMoniCare makes a personalized pregnancy preparation plan for pregnant families. The package includes the examination items needed by both the couple and the doctor will guide the pregnancy preparation according to the examination results. Effectively improve the chances of giving birth to healthy babies and reduce unnecessary economic losses.

  • Accurate screening of advanced equipment

    In order to provide the best service, HarMoniCare introduces advanced equipment, accurate inspection. The doctors according to your physical condition to develop suitable pregnancy test package, to solve the pregnancy worries.

  • Private environment, easy pregnancy

    HarMoniCare have independent consulting rooms for private consultation, which fully respects your privacy.

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