Patient rights

1. Patients are entitled to courteous and thoughtful treatment and services, and are not treated differently with race, belief, gender, nationality, religion, cultural background, sexual orientation, etc.

2.When untimely treatment will endanger life or cause disability, patients have the right to receive prompt treatment, regardless of whether they have the ability to pay for medical expenses.

3.Patients’ questions and requests are entitled to timely answers, and patients’ complaints are entitled to the hospital’s attention.

4.Unless the condition or treatment requires, patients should not be subject to any form of physical restraint.

5.Any communication information and medical records related to patients are personal privacy and have the right to be protected.Patients have the right to choose not to disclose their relevant medical information within the limits of legal permission.

6.Patients have the right to receive detailed instructions on diagnosis, treatment and operation, including benefits, risks, treatment results, and other possible alternative therapies. Doctors must provide relevant information to patients in simple and understandable language. Patients are entitled to an interpreter or a support service to facilitate communication when needed.

7.Patients have the right to know the identity and professional background of the medical staff providing medical care services.

8.If the hospital needs to conduct or carry out research in treatment or nursing, patients have the right to know the relevant situation and have the right to decide whether to accept or reject it.

9.Patients can continue to receive treatment if they are suitable for continuing treatment in this hospital.if they are not suitable for continuing treatment in this hospital, they have the right to know other feasible treatment options.

10.Patients have the right to know the rules and regulations and information related to their medical care, including relevant financial information.

11.Patients have the right to request and receive the general bill of related medical expenses, the expense schedule, and the detailed explanation of the expenses.

12.Patients have the right to participate in the decision-making of medical services.

13.Patients have the right to decide to change the treatment plan before and during the treatment (within the scope permitted by law). The doctor should inform the patient of the possible medical consequences of the change; the patient has the right to refuse treatment and be informed of the consequences of refusal;

14.Patients have the right to refuse family members to participate in or decide on their medical plans.They also have the right to invite their family members or other personnel to participate in their medical plans.

15.Patients have the right to refer to their medical records, and they can also request a copy from the hospital. At the same time, the hospital retains original patient medical records and files for life-long patients to protect patient privacy and provide better diagnosis and treatment services.

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Patient Obligations

1.Patients and their families are obliged to truthfully provide personal information, medical conditions, medical history and other information; when personal information (address, contact information, etc.) changes, they are obliged to notify the hospital to update in time.

2.Patients are obliged to sign the "Financial Responsibility Form" and the "Regular Medical Informed Consent".

3.Patients are obliged to sign informed consent for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

4.The patient is obliged to present the original insurance card when paying the payment (applicable to patients who pay for medical expenses with insurance).The patient and family members are obliged to provide information related to insurance claims.

5.For medical expenses and deposits that are not paid by insurance or third-party payers, the patient shall do his duty to pay.

6.Patients are obliged to understand their condition and treatment plan.

7.Patients and their families are obliged to cooperate in the implementation of the agreed treatment plan.

8.Patients and their families are obliged to abide by the rules and regulations of this hospital, especially the clauses related to patient safety.

9.Patients and family members have an obligation to respect the rights and interests of others.

10.Patients and family members are obliged to see a doctor according to an appointment or cancel the appointment in advance.

11.Patients and family members are obliged to keep personal valuables.

12.If the patient and family members refuse treatment or do not follow the medical advice, they are obliged to sign the relevant informed consent and accept the consequences of their actions.

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