Delivery package quality upgrade

Natural childbirth      ¥29000

Cesarean delivery   ¥39000

Extraperitoneal cesarean section  ¥49000

  • Stay in a deluxe standard room
  • Medical safety
  • Exclusive daily supplies
  • Nutritious diet
  • Postpartum rehabilitation and TCM health guidance
  • Postpartum care

Comfortable environment:

  • ★ Private room and star hotel supplies.
  • ★ Environmental hygiene meets international monitoring medical standards.
  • ★ Separate anti-spill milk crib in the mother's room.
  • ★ Relative accompany.
  • ★ 24-hour security and surveillance coverage to ensure the safety of mother and infant.
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Nutritious diet

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Postpartum care

Buying a baby health checkup package during hospitalization will enjoy RMB 500 discount.
Free postpartum rehabilitation guidance when you come back for 42 days checkup.
Establish private health management files.
Provide 24-hour online consulting services: 0755-33391333

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The following items are not included in the package:

★ Optional midwife will cost RMB2000. Optional expert will cost RMB2000/3000.( These items can not enjoy discount.)
★ For polyembryony,RMB3000 each baby and daily nursing fee will be added.
★ Umbilical cord clamping by family member and disinfection fee is RMB1000. Meals for family members will be charged if you want.
★ Tests, adjuvant treatment, breast lactation, blood transfusion, rescue and other related treatment costs which are out-of-package.
★ Time choosing fee:08:30--17:30 will cost RMB5000,17:30--8:30 will cost RMB8000.( These items can not enjoy discount.)
★ Umbilical cord collection and storage will cost RMB1000.

★ Additional charge for natural delivery:
high risk pregnancy should add RMB3000. Difficult labor should add RMB5000. Scar uterus natural delivery should add RMB5000. If you change into C-section during trial natural delivery, then will be extra labor observation fee + epidural anesthesia fee RMB3000.

★ Additional charge for C-Section delivery:
the second time C-Section delivery with scar uterus should add RMB7000. The third time C-Section delivery should add RMB10000. The fourth time C-Section delivery should add RMB12000. Operation with high risk should add RMB5000. Wireless analgesia costs RMB1500. Tubal ligation costs RMB6000. Myomectomy costs at least RMB6000.

★ Additional RMB10000 for extraperitoneal cesarean section:

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Delivery package quality upgrade
Type Details Value-added services Original price (RMB) Member's price (RMB)
Natural delivery

Four days and three nights

One-to-one midwifery, support free labor position and painless delivery.

Perineum protection and care, avoid lateral episiotomy and laceration.

Mother and baby care and breastfeeding guidance.

Newborn care and daily jaundice monitoring.

Provide personal and infant supplies.

Customized meals from nutritionist.

Picture of mother and baby after giving birth.

Newborn growth plan management.

Individual postpartum rehabilitation plan and guidance.

24-hour membership service.

40759 29000
C-Section delivery

Five days and four nights.

Regular fees for surgery.

Anesthesia monitoring during the whole process.

Postoperative routine nursing and safe medication.

Mother and baby care and breastfeeding guidance.

Newborn care and daily jaundice monitoring.

50393 39000
Extraperitoneal cesarean section 60393 49000

Focus on medical care