Introduction to HarMoniCare Shenzhen Women & Children's Hospital

HarMoniCare Shenzhen Women & Children's Hospital is located at No. 12018, We have always been committed to providing high-quality gynecological, obstetric, and pediatric medical and health services to Chinese families, integrating the 14 core hospital system requirements of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, continuously improving medical quality, improving medical service levels, and comprehensively guaranteeing customer safety.

American medical concepts are integrated with international technology, integrating preventive health care, diagnosis and treatment, and rehabilitation. It gathers medical experts at home and abroad, adheres to customer-centricity, attaches importance to medical quality and safety, and follows international standards of diagnosis and treatment and principles of evidence-based medicine. The expert team of the former Grade A hospital provides all-round services. It is committed to creating famous doctors, departments and hospitals, and paying attention to the health of women and children in 365 days x24 hours.


  • Expert initial consultation system"Be responsible to customers to the end"

  • Every step of pregnancyAdvanced equipment support

  • Ten thousand laminar flowHigh standard operating room

  • 365 days a year24 hours a day service

  • One-stop maternity systemEasily solve "difficult motherhood and childbirth"

  • Many-to-one service conceptEverything is customer-centric

  • Family Care ModelGuarding family happy time


  • HarMoniCare Environment

    Located in front of Zhongshan Park, it is an excellent retreat in the bustling city. It hired Zaha, the designer of the Guangzhou Grand Theater, and Hadid International Master designed it comprehensively, integrating Chinese culture with soft and warm style as the main style.

  • Waiting hall

  • Inpatient Department

  • VIP maternity ward

  • Pediatric waiting area

  • Treatment room

  • Medical Laboratory

  • Interrogation room

Focus on medical care