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How to apply for "Birth Medical Certificate" for newborns

First. The "the Medical Certificate of Birth" of the newborn is required to be processed within one month after the birth of the newborn.

Second,the newborn baby must have a name, can be issued a "birth medical certificate."

1.The requirement for a newborn’s name is simplified Chinese font, not traditional Chinese.
2.The baby's name will not be changed on the issued medical Certificate of Birth. If you need to change to the household registration department after settling as a former name change.
3.If one or both of the parents are foreign nationals, the name of the newborn can be filled in Chinese or English, not Both texts should be used at the same time, and other information should be filled in Chinese (A newborn baby must fill in its Chinese name if he wants to settle in China. A newborn baby must fill in its English name if he wants to add foreign nationality.)

Third. The relevant materials to be prepared for the issuance of the Medical Certificate of Birth:

1. The registration form is issued on the first page of the Birth Medical Certificate provided by the midwifery agency. (Provided by the hospital).
2. If the mother cannot handle it in person, she can bring the power of attorney with the Medical Certificate of Birth.(Provided by the hospital).
3. Original ID card or passport of both parents (for ID card or passport scanning).
4. Copies of ID card or passport of both parties (reserved for filing).

Forth. To apply for the " the Medical Certificate of Birth ", you need to make an appointment in advance. The phone number for an appointment is 0755-33391333.

Fifth. The Medical Certificate of Birth can also be issued at any time if the materials are prepared during the stay in the hospital, but the certificate will not be issued on Saturday and Sunday.

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Birth certificate download

Download the power of attorney of "Birth Medical Certificate" of HarMoniCare Shenzhen Women & Children's Hospital and the registration form for first issuance of "Birth Medical Certificate" in midwifery institution

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