Enjoy 360° extreme maternal and child care

Private medical confinement

A confinement journey, a good time

One-stop medical confinement club, making confinement maintenance more scientific and systematic

HarMoniCare Private Medical Nursing Confinement is built in strict accordance with, and is supported by maternity and obstetric medical background. Intimate Nursing of whole-course medical care, professional maternal and child care, scientific nutrition confinement meals, postpartum rehabilitation management and 24-hour American-style housekeeper service. from the aspects of "prevention, medical treatment, nursing, food, housing, infants, nurturing", etc., allows you to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant one-stop medical-grade confinement care in a truly luxurious, quiet and comfortable environment.

Sense protection

  • Standardized disinfection process

    Our hospital is fully disinfected daily, and ozone disinfection machines are used for items that are not resistant to high temperature and humidity...

  • Comfortable mother and baby environment

    European-style luxury facilities, equipped with mother and baby confinement service rest room, baby visit room, baby swimming room, baby treatment room, family and friends social room...

  • Perfect recuperation system

    Warm and happy, luxurious and comfortable, professional medical care, artistic atmosphere and confinement service, meal and cuisine, and other meticulous and considerate services and management.

  • Plenty of private space

    Private space, quiet and comfortable, to guard the beautiful life of ladies and spend a happy confinement holiday!

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Medical care

With the support and perfect connection of the 24-hour medical system of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital, the safety of mother and child is regarded as the sacred mission. The obstetrician and pediatrician of HarMoniCare Hospital and other medical resources provide professional support for medical confinement at any time and in a comprehensive way, so as to guarantee the life, health and safety of newborn babies and pregnant women to the greatest extent.

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Mother and child care

Fully introduce the American-style medical care concept and nursing process for mothers and infants, and adopt the "many-to-one" expert cluster medical service model: responsible physician + senior nutritionist + maternity matron + maternal and infant nurse + psychological counselor + exclusive nurse + raditional Chinese physician + exclusive life housekeepers + early education experts + customer service guidance, etc., intimately provide personalized, high-quality 360° seamless care for women and babies 24 hours a day.

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Nutritious diet

HarMoniCare specially hires experienced star chefs, health experts and professional nutritionists to form a maternal and child health and nutrition team to work together to tailor personalized nutritional dietary conditioning plans for individual differences in pregnant women. At the same time, all dishes are strictly followed. And scientific screening, from purchasing, picking, washing, soaking, cutting and matching, cooking, and food delivery are all checked.

Meal transportation

The food materials of HarMoniCare Hospital are provided by regular food suppliers. The containers are divided into different types of food materials to avoid cross-infection among different food materials

Acceptance of ingredients

All the ingredients are purchased on the same day to protect the freshness and quality of the ingredients; all the ingredients are sterilized and washed with ozone; the use of Chinese herbal medicines meets the standards; no artificial seasoning is added; the dietitian monitors the nutritional calories of the meal to cook the meal.

Ingredients for cooking

Combining the viewpoints of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Dietology and Modern Western Medicine Nutrition, tailored to the needs of postpartum women, a staged and refined confinement service health diet is provided for you, and six meals and six deliveries are provided daily for the parturient to eat rest assured.

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Star environment

Located in front of Zhongshan Park, it is an excellent retreat in the bustling city. Star-rated hotels are elegantly decorated, warm and comfortable home furnishings. In order to meet the diverse needs of different customers, a variety of suites are carefully created. VIP suites are equipped with independent sunny courtyards, living rooms, sofas, TVs, independent bathrooms, and central air-conditioning purifiers. You quietly enjoy the ecological and cultural confinement holiday.

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Baby SPA

Implement 24-hour uninterrupted real-time monitoring of newborns from the birth of the baby, and a pediatrician will perform regular rounds to monitor the baby’s growth signs and feeding status. Specially hired maternity matron and professional nursing staff provide a full range of baby services for your baby, which can effectively help the growth and development of the newborn healthier and smarter, and help you establish a closer parent-child relationship, making you more comfortable during confinement .

  • Professional nurse
  • Strict disinfection
  • Environmental protection appliances
  • Swimming environment
  • Use gentle care products, over-all monitoring by a gentle, kind and skilled baby nurse, and use scientific touch techniques to promote the scientific development of infants’ physiology, psychology, intelligence and emotional intelligence

  • The swimming pool is covered with a disposable bath film, one pool of water for each person. It is equipped with a portable ultraviolet disinfection lamp to clean and disinfect the baby swimming equipment

  • All building materials are made of environmentally friendly materials to protect the baby from swimming exercises in a fully stretched and free state

  • Various facilities are perfect, fresh air system, independent circulation, air circulation, water temperature is always maintained at 37° to 38; and equipped with air disinfection

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Postpartum rehabilitation

HarMoniCare Private Medical Nursing Confinement has experienced postpartum restoration experts, therapists and other professionals to provide you with a series of postpartum rehabilitation services such as postpartum body recovery, postpartum health care, and postpartum mammy medical care.

  • Postpartum
    Medical Care
  • Breast milk
    feeding guidance
  • Postpartum
    Psychological counseling
  • Postpartum
    body recovery
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Postpartum Guidance
  • Postpartum
    Health Education
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