Obstetric Services

HarMoniCare Obstetrics provides one-stop full-process high-quality medical services such as high-risk obstetric clinics, prenatal check-ups, childbirth plans, medical confinement, postpartum rehabilitation, etc., and carries out painless Doula delivery, American painless cesarean surgery and other deliveries, the original top three The hospital's expert team provides all-round, many-to-one caring services. It is the first in Shenzhen to accompany your family members throughout the process. This is not only a hospital, but also a warm and healthy harbor for you and your baby.

Gynecological Services

HarMoniCare Department of Gynecology, based on the physical and mental health of modern women, specializes in treating women with gynecological inflammation, gynecological tumors, infertility, family planning, gynecological endocrine diseases, uterine diseases, gynecological urinary tract infections and other gynecological diseases. Advanced applications The minimally invasive technology treats various difficult gynecological diseases to relieve women’s psychological anxiety and physical pain. Specially carry out assisted reproductive overseas medical treatment, and carry out integrated one-stop medical services including ivf pre-operative preparation, treatment, postoperative fetus preservation, and delivery.

Pediatric Service

HarMoniCare Pediatrics, based on the American child prevention, diagnosis and treatment medical concept, provides pediatric general medical treatment programs, including the treatment of respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, allergic diseases, urinary system diseases and other pediatric diseases, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of newborns, newborns Formulate management plans for infant care and guidance, and infant care. Carry out early education courses, sensory integration training courses, sand table games, feeding guidance, development assessment and nutritional diet analysis, intelligent development guidance and other services.


HarMoniCare infertility department brings together well-known domestic infertility experts. To help infertility patients achieve their desire to have children in a short time. Pay attention to inner care and respect for privacy, the whole process of private medical treatment environment, expert one-to-one diagnosis and treatment, to welcome the dawn of life. When necessary, psychological counselors will also intervene to help adjust the mentality and provide diversified support for the birth of life and family happiness.

Postpartum rehabilitation

HarMoniCare Postpartum Rehabilitation Center integrates advanced American diagnosis and treatment concepts and technologies, based on the physiological characteristics of Asian women, and combines obstetrics and gynecology, beauty and slimming, traditional Chinese medicine, and nutrition. It adopts pelvic floor muscle strength assessment, biofeedback and electric stimulation combined treatment, Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation training and other advanced treatment methods: interventional therapy and conditioning in various aspects such as physiology, psychology, physical fitness, body shape, and health; providing women with one-stop postpartum rehabilitation services throughout the puerperium, lactation, and post-lactation, and more precise , A more effective and comprehensive solution to female pelvic floor dysfunction.

family planning

HarMoniCare Family Planning Department carries out various family planning operations such as ring placement, ring removal, uterine evacuation, and painless artificial abortion. In order to reduce the rate of unintended pregnancy induced abortions and repeated abortions for women of childbearing age, the Post Abortion Care Service (PAC) project has been launched to provide women of childbearing age with consultation, education and technical services for safe termination of intended pregnancy, and to help them implement efficient contraceptive measures. Follow up and provide postoperative health care guidance.

Medical beauty

HarMoniCare Beauty Department has a team of beauty experts with a high reputation in China. It has invested a huge amount of money to introduce top international beauty equipment, carry out skin beauty, non-invasive beauty, etc., and carry out laser skin beauty and scar Removal, skin anti-aging, private anti-aging, laser wrinkle removal, stretch mark removal, hair removal, micro plastic surgery and other items, allowing beauty seekers to enjoy high-quality medical services.

Focus on medical care