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HarMoniCare Shenzhen Women's and Children's Hospital provides high-quality health care and health management services for women and children from China and abroad.
In October, 2011, HarMoniCare passed the initial accreditation survey by Joint Commission International (JCI), becoming the first JCI-accreditated hospital in Shenzhen...【More】
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prospective parents carnival

Thanksgiving feedback -and anniversary,prospective parents carnival Thanksgiving feedback -and anniversary...Read More

Check the package before childbirth

And the pregnancy check plans, divided into basic and comprehensive type, for senior obstetrician, contains all the normal pregnancy check the required items. Doctor will on both sides of husband and wife in all kinds of test results summary analysis, targeted to give guidance and counseling before childbirth, let your baby more comfortable, more confidently!...【More】

check package

Antenatal examination plans of the development of the obstetric experts, fully consider the you in antenatal examination may be involved in projects and problems, according to the characteristics of the various gestational arrange physical examination and consultation, assay, auxiliary examination, let you be in the entire pregnancy path for professional...【More】

service plans

Welcomes check-in and maternal and child recreation center, and the birth, on a fully respect your choice, make labor more humanization, individuation, please select natural birth and cesarean delivery: on a 1, 4 days 3 night rest package (member price 29000 yuan package) 2, 6 days 5 night rest package (member price 39000 yuan package)...【More】


Welcomes check-in and confined center, please select and private medical care confined package:
1, based on maternal and infant formula 58000 yuan (RMB).
2, delicate mother-to-child package (RMB 80000 yuan).
3, distinguished from package (RMB 160000 yuan).
4, noble and package (RMB 210000 yuan)...【More】
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