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HarMoniCare Shenzhen Women & Children's Hospital integrates clinical, scientific research, health care, and education.
We have many experts and senior nursing staff s who rich clinical experience in obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, Children Healthcare, medical cosmetology, confinement, family planning, traditional Chinese medicine, internal medicine, nutrition, anesthesiology, ultrasound, lab, radiology, pharmacy, hospital infection control. Adhering to the core values of respecting life and advocating health, we care for every life, and continuously improve the quality of life.

  • Gan Yueming

    Other department experts

    Director Dietitian

    Personal profile She is a director dietitian, senior health manager and postpartum nursing specialist who graduated from Southern Medical University. She has engaged in dietary nutrition matching, nutrition design and nutrition management for more than 20 years. With rich experience in guiding dietary nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum, she has formulated a postpartum nutrition plan based on the mother's personal fitness and physical condition assessment data and helped thousands of mothers successfully breastfeed and improve postpartum fitness through diet. In addition, she also devotes to the nutritional education and intervention work for the pregnant women and elderly with chronic diseases and sub-health population and to develop individualized nutrition treatment plan for special population. Her patient and meticulous service was praised by pregnant women.

    Expert in She is good at nutrition counseling, dietary guidance, and personalized program development for diabetes, obesity, gout, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, other chronic diseases, gestational diabetes, pregnant women and postpartum women.

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  • He Bichan

    Other department experts

    Ultrasound Department Attending Physician

    Personal profile She graduated from Central South University, engaged in clinical work of ultrasound department for nearly 30 years. She is a Former director of the ultrasound department of Chenzhou City Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, a member of the Chenzhou Ultrasound Committee, a advanced worker in Chenzhou City. She studied at Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital. She also published several papers in journals. She is good at obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound diagnosis of various diseases, with solid professional theoretical foundation and rich experience in ultrasound diagnosis, comprehensive ultrasound diagnosis technology.

    Expert in She is good at the clinical application of obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound, and has rich experience and a high level of diagnosis in the diagnosis of difficult and serious obstetrics and gynecology, especially ultrasound diagnosis of fetal malformations, gynecological and pediatric common diseases. She is familiar with ultrasound operations such as abdomen, obstetrics, superficial, heart, blood vessels, pediatric skull, hip joints, pelvic floor, etc. For many years, a large number of defective fetuses have been screened, and secondary prevention of birth defects has been strictly controlled.

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  • Meng Jiang

    Other department experts

    Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Chief physician

    Personal profile Graduating from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she formerly served as director of TCM department in Shenzhen Shajing People's Hospital. As a member of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Psychiatric Branch, China Association of Chinese Medicine Information Research Floating Therapy Branch, Guangdong Rehabilitation Medical Association Severe Rehabilitation Branch, Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen Health Promotion Association Healthy Sleep Branch, she was also awarded the honorary title of Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor in Baoan District, Shenzhen City. She is familiar with classical Chinese medicine, prescriptions, and is good at dialectical treatment based on evidence. Her prescription is based on patient's actual condition. Moreover, she is skillful at treating various medical miscellaneous diseases, gynecological and pediatric diseases. With deep research on prevention and recovery of disease, she has rich experience in psychotherapy.

    Expert in Doctor Meng is good at using acupuncture, Chinese medicine, psychological treatment and other methods to treat bone injury system diseases such as cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, lumbar disc herniation, knee arthritis, heel pain and so on; gynecological and pediatric diseases such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, hyperemesis gravidarum, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, repeated colds in children, cough, indigestion, tic disorders, anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and so on; Nervous system diseases such as headache, dizziness, facial paralysis, stroke, insomnia, anxiety, etc. She can also use TCM's advantage for sub-healthy conditioning

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  • Zhu Zhiqin

    Other department experts

    Director of Laboratory Department

    Personal profile Graduating from the clinical laboratory of Jiangxi Medical College of Nanchang University, she  has engaged in clinical laboratory and management for more than 30 years. She took further study at blood cell morphology for one year in the Department of Hematology, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, and studied abscess cytology in department of Pathology, Obstetrics and Gynecology of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University for half a year. Besides, more than ten papers have been published in authoritative medical journals above the provincial level. Among them, " Clinical Application of Serum Sialic Acid in Combination with CEA for Tumor Examination" won the third award of Science and Technology Progress.

    Expert in She is familiar with the quality control of clinical laboratories, have certain research in clinical biochemistry, bacteria, blood cell testing, especially good at clinical blood cell and exfoliated cells, microbe, biochemical and immunological testing.

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  • Zhang Min

    Other department experts

    Department of Internal Medicine

    Personal profile She graduated from Medical Department of Tongji Medical College of HUST. She has been engaged in internal medicine for 42 years from which she has got rich experience of treating common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and several critical, difficult and complicated diseases, especially in gastroenterology and hepatology. She has successfully cured many patients who suffer from complicated diseases. Her medical skill and ethics is praised by patients. She was awarded provincial science and technology progress by her researches “a series of research of SHE”. In recent years, she was invited to work as Internal medicine chief physician at Dubai Union Hospital, providing excellent medical service to patients at home and abroad, which let she acquire outstanding achievements and highly praise.

    Expert in She is good at common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases of internal medicine department, especially in gastroenterology and hepatology.

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  • Wang Haiyang

    Other department experts

    Radiology Directo Associate Chief

    Personal profile

    Dr Wang has graduated from Hubei Medical University. He has worked as director of radiology department for nearly 30 years. He has tremendous working experience in radiology about 43 years. In addition, he is good at diagnosis of radiology and operational skills, especially for the complicated diseases. Besides, He attended several academic conferences of national radiology diagnosis, and has written about 10 literatures which is published in national and provincial medical journals, such as “Knee-joint Double Contrast Radiography”, “Angiography of Lower-extremity Varicose”, “Double Contrast Barium Meal”, and “Hypotonic Small Bowel Contrast”. What's more,
    he has published article called the “Thoracic Diseases Imaging and its value on clinical application” in the Medical Radiation Technology journal. And he has written the “Diagnosis of Small Cell Lung Cancer by CT and its value on clinical application” which published in the Combination of Chinese traditional and Western Medicine journal.
    He held the post of committee member in the Jingzhou Radio Diagnosis of Professional Academic Committee. And he is awarded the municipal outstanding communist party member and the advanced workers for several times.

    Expert in He is good at diagnosis of common disease and frequently-occurring disease by radiology. In addition, he has lots of experiences on diagnoses the common chest disease by CT, and diagnosis of nervous system diseases by MRI.

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