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Customers who have pre-deposited once and meet the membership standard can become a member. Members are divided into four categories according to the amount of deposit, namely 30,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, 150,000 yuan. Different membership amounts enjoy corresponding membership discounts.

HarMoniCare Membership CardThe 20th of each month is the member activity announcement month

Enjoy a 5% discount for 30,000 yuan member
Enjoy a 12% discount for 50,000 yuan member
Enjoy a 20% discount for 100,000 yuan member
Enjoy a 22% discount for 150,000 yuan member

The following items are not included in the membership discount:
1. Non-discount items (consultation fees, drug fees, blood products, specified fee, timing fees, etc.)
2. Non-discount packages (delivery package, confinement package)
3. Other discount activities do not enjoy the membership price.

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Reminder: Bring your valid ID card or passport to the Customer Service Relations Management Department on the first floor of this hospital. To enjoy the membership benefits in hospital, you must apply for membership 7 days in advance (except for emergency)

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Membership obligations

Membership obligations

1. Members should fill in their personal information truthfully, and the loss caused by information errors shall be borne by the individual.

2. When a member's personal mobile phone number changes, he or she should actively contact the customer service relationship management department to change the information, otherwise the damage to the rights and interests caused by this will be borne by the individual.

3. To refund the balance or apply for the transfer of authorized balance, you need to apply in writing and handle the membership service and rights protection hotline in person on the spot:
0755-333 91 333

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Membership cancellation refund
Settlement method

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