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Special care service for miscarriage in HarMoniCare

1.Comfortable and private living environment
2.Professional postoperative health assessment
3.Professional medical care team inspection and nursing
4.Senior Chinese medicine doctor's consultation
5.Postoperative rehabilitation guidance
6.Postoperative restorative nutrition meal

The first month after the termination of pregnancy is an important stage for the recovery of the uterus and ovaries. If you do not pay attention to recuperation, your health may go downhill.

Severe cases can even lead to infertility in the future. HarMoniCare special care for small births provides professional post-operative training, comprehensive post-natal rehabilitation guidance and psychological counseling

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These injured women had to undergo intensive care during miscarriage.

Contraceptive failure

Women who do not pay attention to contraception or fail in contraception, choose to have an artificial abortion and have requirements for future childbirth.

Fetal abnormalities

Many expectant mothers found that the fetus had congenital malformations or abnormalities after the examination, and they had to choose women who had terminated their pregnancy.

Spontaneous abortion

If the expectant mother eats, smells, touches, or is frightened during pregnancy, it is likely to cause spontaneous abortion.

unknown reason

Women with spontaneous abortion for which no cause can be found.

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  • 1 protectionEffectively protect female fertility

  • 2 protectionEffectively improve postoperative mental and psychological conditions

  • 3 protectionEffectively improve overall health

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Special care service for miscarriage in HarMoniCare

The "confinement service" after abortion in HarMoniCare provides services such as rehabilitation, scientific nutrition, psychological counseling and TCM recuperation. Guests only need to recuperate in the confinement service special nursing room to restore the physiological state of the body as far as possible to maintain the "fertility" and physical and mental state of the woman.

  • The "Little Confinement Service" service systematically maintains the physiological functions of women and maintains anti-premature aging by comprehensively using the "Little Confinement Service" to protect the palace, organic massage, traditional Chinese medicine, physical therapy, perineal care, and nutritional conditioning. Promote the restoration of the uterus, the maintenance of the birth canal, the adjustment of body muscles, and the professional psychological counseling, the woman's physical and mental recovery

    Honor service "little confinement service" rehabilitation and maintenance

  • HarMoniCare gynecological medical staff will pay close attention to women’s postoperative bleeding, uterine contractions, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, abdominal pain and other adverse reactions, and accurately treat them accordingly; provide timely anti-inflammatory fluids for postoperative health Recovery, disease prevention; uterine monitoring, etc.

    Professional gynecologist monitoring

  • According to needs, HarMoniCare specially provides professional psychological rehabilitation guidance. Psychologists will provide reasonable guidance for the special psychology of the postoperative women to prevent postoperative depression, fear and other unhealthy psychology.

    Psychological rehabilitation

  • The professional nutrition experts of HarMoniCare Maternity Hospital will give you the corresponding tonic plan according to your specific situation, especially providing diet packages with the function of tonic and remove blood stasis to enhance nutrition and improve body immunity.

    Scientific diet and nutrition guidance

  • HarMoniCare family planning experts will wholeheartedly help you acquire more contraceptive knowledge, and scientifically plan for you a personalized contraceptive method suitable for you.

    Scientific contraceptive method guidance

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The difference between doing or not in miscarriage care

After miscarriage intensive care, you can return to your original self.

A month

Menstruation is normal, and the complexion is rosy and bloody

Six months

Improve blood circulation, uterus recovers well, ovaries recover well

one year later

Look better than before, get pregnant again, and feel happy and comfortable

Without abortion care, one would be prematurely yellow - faced

A month

Menstrual disorders, no blood on the face

Six months

Abnormal ovarian function, various inflammation problems, depression and irritability

one year later

Physical deterioration, found unable to conceive, susceptible to mental illness

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Details of the special care project for miscarriage

Special care project

Project duration


Package price

Guben Wenyuan

60 minutes
(40 minutes for technique + 20 minutes for instrument)

It can help women benefit the kidney and beauty, warm the meridians and dispel cold, promote blood circulation, clear the collaterals, nourish blood and replenish qi, relieve yang deficiency, mental fatigue, qi and blood weakness and other symptoms. Frigidity has obvious effects, quickly restores postpartum physique and improves sleep quality.

RMB 6980/10 times

Warm Palace to Dispel Cold

60 minutes
(Pure Manipulation + Moxibustion)

Warming Yang to relieve menstruation, warming palace and dispelling cold, promote nutrient supply of uterus, ovaries and other organs, effectively improve dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and prevent gynecological inflammation.

RMB 5980/10 times

Uterine repair

60 minutes
(40 minutes for technique + 20 minutes for instrument)

Using bio-electromagnetic equipment combined with traditional Chinese medicine meridian massage techniques can quickly restore maternal pelvic function, promote uterine contraction, reduce postpartum hemorrhage, promote uterine involution, and promote relaxation of pelvic floor muscles and fascia tissue tension. After treatment Improve the blood circulation of organs in the pelvis, thereby reducing the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

RMB 4980/10 times

Breast care

60 minutes
(Pure technique)

When pregnancy reaches the 5th week, pregnant women usually have a variety of early pregnancy reactions. Most people have breasts that have begun to grow. In addition to slight pain, they will also feel lumps. This is due to the increased hormone secretion of the breasts. Varicose veins continue to appear directly under the epidermis, and the color of the nipples will become darker. Breast care can quickly restore and maintain the perfect shape of the breast, effectively preventing breast diseases.

RMB 4980/10 times

Moxibustion kinetic energy supplement

90 minutes
(Pure Manipulation + Moxibustion)

Warming muscles and dispelling cold, dispersing wind and relieving surface; warming meridians and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis; strengthening viscera; supporting yang and solidifying off; promoting qi and blood circulation; disease prevention and health care;

RMB 4980/10 times

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What problems should be pay attention to during miscarriage?

  • Observe bleeding

    Because the endometrium will have wounds after an artificial abortion, there will be a small amount of bleeding in the vagina in the first few days after the operation, and it will usually stop within 3-5 days. If there is bleeding after a week, with turbid leucorrhea, fever, abdominal pain, etc., you should seek medical treatment immediately.

  • Clean the vulva

    It is necessary to clean the vulva frequently and change underwear frequently, and avoid bathing within half a month to prevent bacteria from invading the vagina and causing vaginal infection.

  • Pay attention to nutritional supplements

    Do not need a lot of supplements, do not drink alcohol, take light and nutritious foods (fish, meat, eggs, soy products, etc.) and vitamin-rich fresh vegetables as the main diet.

  • Keep warm and rest more

    Pay attention to the body, feet, waist and lower abdomen to keep warm. Stay in bed for the first 3 days after surgery, avoid strenuous exercise or heavy work within half a month, and do not have the same room for one month.

  • Avoid getting pregnant again too early

    After a miscarriage, both the uterus and the body need to have enough time to return to normal. Premature re-pregnancy is harmful to women’s health. It is recommended that it is better to prepare for pregnancy after 6-12 months.

  • Maintaining a good mood

    Bad emotions can lead to female endocrine disorders, reduce immunity and resistance to diseases, and are not conducive to body recovery.

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