Painless and minimally invasive abortion

[ Painless and minimally invasive abortion ]

Superconducting high-definition visual positioning system to protect re-fertility Senior experts do the operation,do not overdraft fertility
The anesthesiologist monitors the whole process, safe and painless during the operation Independent room for observation, quiet and private for recovery

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About abortion

Data released by the Family Planning Commission in 2013:
The number of abortion in our country reaches 13 million people every year,
Excludes 10 million medical abortions and those done in private clinics.
The repeated abortion rate is even as high as 55.9%.

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There is no so-called "small" surgery, only surgery that is not taken seriously

Abortion is not only the end of the current pregnancy, but also related to a woman's own health and ability to conceive again.
Choosing scientific abortion methods can more effectively reduce injuries and protect women's reproductive health.

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Painless and minimally invasive abortion

The painless and minimally invasive abortion procedure adopted by HarMoniCare Shenzhen Women & Children's Hospital aims to provide women with a full set of supervised abortion procedures. The ultrasound system is used to prevent excessive suction and curettage and intimal reflux to the fallopian tube and pelvis, reducing the occurrence of complications after surgery.

The Senior experts do the operation to reduce the pain and harm.

Experienced anesthesiologists strictly control the dose of anesthesia, the process is safe and painless, and the side effects of anesthesia are minimal.

Strict and standardized preoperative examination are used to eliminate surgical complications and reduce the risk of the surgery.

Obstetrics and gynecology experts operate according to the superconducting visual system to avoid unnecessary harm to the uterus.

Provide PAC rehabilitation standards, scientific nutritional diet, psychological counseling, and other guidance services after the operation to maintain women’s physical and mental health.

The "one patient, one room, one doctor" medical service will prevent personal data and information from leaking, and protect the privacy

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  • 1 protectionEffectively protect female fertility

  • 2 protectionEffectively improve postoperative mental and psychological conditions

  • 3 protectionEffectively improve overall health

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