HarMoniCare Salpingography

Super precision scanning    Clear image
It does not affect pregnancy    Convenient and intuitive

The images are clear, non-invasive and safe with fewer side effects.
It is very important to understand the patency of fallopian tube and evaluate its function.
At the same time, salpingography has been used as one of the important methods to detect infertility.
It plays an important role in understanding ovarian function and determining the response of the endometrium to estrogen.

Fallopian tube factor is one of the main factors of infertility. The accuracy of fallopian tube patency can be evaluated under ultrasound with salpingography.

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How to get pregnant when sperm and ovum can't get touched?

Getting pregnant is not difficult, but the blocked fallopian tube can be a huge shock to woman who wants to get pregnant as soon as possible. The fallopian tube is the channel to transport the ovum, combine the sperm and the ovum, and return the fertilized egg into the uterine cavity for implantation. If this route is blocked, pregnancy is unlikely.

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Don't do hydrotubation blindly to diagnose whether the fallopian tube is blocked or not

Blocked fallopian tube mainly causes female infertility, accounting for 25% - 35% of female infertility. Some hospitals will do hydrotubation to check whether the fallopian tube is blocked or not. Some patients have even had the hydrotubation three or four times in different hospitals.

But hydrotubation is not a very accurate examination, it's mainly by the doctor's intuition and sensory judgment, so it's not very scientific. With current technology, the more accurate examination of the location and degree of fallopian tube blockage is salpingography. Generally speaking, the examination will be done on the 3rd day to the 7th day after the menstruation.

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Women who need salpingography?

1 Infertility, no abnormality in the semen examination of the husband, BBT of the patient is bipolar and luteal function has been good for 3 menstrual cycles, but still unable to get pregnant.

2 Have a history of chronic appendicitis or peritonitis, and now suffer from endometriosis, etc.; diagnosis and treatment due to infertility; suspected to have blocked fallopian tube.

3 Observe the morphology of the uterine cavity to determine whether there are uterine malformations and their types, whether there are uterine adhesions, submucosal myomas, endometrial polyps and foreign bodies, etc.

4 The laparoscopy showed the adhesion outside the fallopian tube cavity, and the preoperative examination during the fallopian tube plastic surgery was planned, because the salpingography could provide further information inside the fallopian tube cavity.

5 Have a history of multiple miscarriages during second trimester and suspected to have atresia of the internal cervical orifice, observe whether there is slack in the internal cervical orifice without pregnancy.

6 Had lower abdominal operation history, such as appendectomy or caesarean section; had a history of pelvic inflammatory disease such as gonococcal infection, puerperal infection.

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Do salpingography instead of the traditional method

HarMoniCare salpingography is an intrauterine injection of ultrasound contrast agent, using acoustic contrast agent to show a good effect. Compared with traditional X-ray salpingography, HarMoniCare painless salpingography has obvious advantages.

Traditional Surgery

It's guided by GE high-end color ultrasound diagnostic instrument without radiation, you can try to get pregnant in the next month after the examination. It does not affect the health of the fetus.


Under the monitoring of the X-ray, the doctors and patients are all exposed to radiation and you can't get pregnant within 3 months after the examination.

Contrast agent is smaller than the red blood cell entrance bubble contrast agent, mild and does not stimulate. It does not damage your body or affect getting pregnant.


Lipiodic contrast agent absorption is slow, may cause granuloma formation or adhesion, etc., the examination application of iodine allergy is limited.

It is performed painless to avoid false-positive results caused by tension, pain and other factors, with high accuracy.

 Side Effect 

False positive rate is high, examination time is long, easy to cause abdominal pain after examination.

Senior experts to operate to ensure the safety and accuracy of the examination.


Operating doctors are so poorly qualified that it's like drawing lots.

The environment of HarMoniCare hospital is elegant, the independent clinic respects privacy, and there is no need to queue up for reservation service. The hospital is fully designed by Guangzhou Grand Theatre designer Zaha Hadid, an international master, which integrates Chinese culture and focuses on the soft and warm style. During the examination, our staffs will guide you for the whole process.


Most hospitals have noisy environment, non-independent consulting rooms, poor privacy, and long queues. During the examination, you waste more time.

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