What is contraceptive implantation?

Subcutaneous implantation is a relatively popular contraceptive method abroad, and it is the best contraceptive method in the UK. At present, our hospital uses levonorgestrel silastic implant which can be used for four years, and the contraceptive effect is close to 99.7% or more. It is currently the most effective method of all reversible contraception in the market. It is a method of putting an implant containing hormones into the inside of the upper arm of the hand. The implant contains progesterone, which continuously and slowly releases progesterone, and inhibits ovulation and plays a role in contraception.

Contraceptive implantation process:

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  • Suppress ovulation

  • Make cervical mucus thick and prevent sperm from entering the uterine cavity

  • Inhibit the growth of the endometrium, not suitable for implantation of fertilized eggs

How much is subcutaneous implant contraception?

Advantages of subcutaneous implantation

1. The contraceptive effect is good, and the contraceptive effective rate is over 99%.
2. The contraceptive effect is long, one implantation can be used for contraception for 5 years.
3. The drug reaction is small. The contraceptive contains only progesterone and does not contain estrogen, so the side effects are smaller than oral contraceptives.
4. The fertility can be recovered quickly after the implant is taken out.

Are there any side effects of subcutaneous implant contraception?

Instructions for contraceptive implants

It is usually performed within 7 days of menstruation or during the abortion operation. The operation is simple which makes a small incision on the inner side of your left upper arm and use a disposable trocar to push 2 silicone rods from the incision into the subcutaneous area. The operation is over. The incision does not need to be sutured. The entire operation can be performed within a few minutes.

Self-test operation time

Women who are not suitable for subcutaneous implantation

◆ Unexplained irregular vaginal bleeding
◆ Women with a history of coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, and vascular embolism
◆ Women with history of liver disease, liver cirrhosis, liver tumor
◆ Women with a history of breast tumors

Am I suitable for subcutaneous implantation for contraception?

Women who are suitable for subcutaneous implantation

1. Almost all women can use it safely
2. Have a regular partner and don’t want to use condom
3. The contraceptive implantation is valid for three to five years, suitable for people who do not plan to have children for a long time
4. The contraceptive implantation only contains progesterone, women who are not suitable for take birth control pills including estrogen can consider it
5. Women who can't remember taking short-acting contraceptives every day
6. Women who are breastfeeding
7. Progesterone can reduce menstrual blood volume, which is suitable for women with heavy menstruation and even anemia
8. Women with dysmenorrhea
9. Women who are not suitable or use IUD (such as genital malformation.
10. Women who have failed to place IUD repeatedly.
11. Women who do not consider giving birth again and are unwilling to sterilize.

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