Application scope of hysteroscopy

  • All kinds of ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube obstruction, distortion, adhesion

  • Infertility, uterine perforation and sterilization ring

  • Ovarian cysts, tumors, ruptured corpus luteum, polyovarian syndrome

  • Uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse, dysfunctional uterine bleeding

  • Endometriosis, adenomyosis, chocolate cyst

  • Diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain of unknown etiology and masses of unknown nature

Can I do laparoscopic surgery for my symptoms?

Advantages of hysteroscopy

  • No opening 3mm minimally invasive mouth

  • Full visual operation is safer

  • Discharge within 1-3 days and recover quickly

HarMoniCare introduced a combined hysteroscopy and laparoscopy diagnosis and treatment system, which is an advanced minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment technology recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). It has formed a team of minimally invasive gynecological surgery experts led by Director Wu Qinlan and successfully cured more than 100 cases of uterus Fibroids, ovarian cysts, infertile women with uterine cavity adhesions, fallopian tube obstruction and other diseases have brought good news to women's health and the birth of new life.

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No need to make an incision, do the same operation

Hysteroscopy is a fiber light source endoscope used for intrauterine inspection and treatment. It uses the front part of the lens body to enter the uterine cavity and has a magnifying effect on the observed part. It can directly inspect intrauterine lesions. Intrauterine diseases can be quickly and accurately diagnosed.

Application scope of hysteroscopy (including but not limited to):
Uterine inflammatory polypectomy, abnormal uterine bleeding, diagnosis and decomposition of uterine cavity adhesion, endometrial polypectomy, hysteromyomectomy, uterine mediastinectomy, intrauterine foreign body, diagnosis and removal of intrauterine device, uterine The internal contraceptive device is incarcerated and taken out, and the fallopian tube is intubated to pass fluid.

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No need to make an incision, do the same operation

Laparoscopy is an endoscope used for intra-abdominal examination and treatment. It can directly and clearly observe the patient's intra-abdominal situation and perform surgical treatment on abnormal conditions. Laparoscopic surgery only needs to open two or three "keyhole"-like small holes around the surgical site. It can be performed accurately without a big knife. It has less interference to the pelvic cavity, less chance of adhesions after surgery, and less scarring of abdominal incisions. Beautiful.

The scope of application of laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment (including but not limited to):
Surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy, removal of ovarian cysts, pelvic adhesion decomposition, removal of uterine fibroids, treatment of endometriosis, repair of uterine perforation, surgical removal of contraceptive ring, uterine reduction, uterine suspension Sling, sterilization, diagnosis and treatment of infertility, etc.

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Comparison of hysteroscopy and other traditional surgery

Other traditional surgery



Traditional laparotomy has great trauma, great interference to the organs in the abdominal cavity and strong pain in patients.

Minimally invasive surgery represented by hysteroscopy and laparoscopy has little trauma, little interference with abdominal organs, and no obvious pain in patients.


The scars of laparotomy are long linear and obvious, which affects the appearance.

The minimally invasive surgery incision is very small and not obvious, which can meet the beauty needs of women.


The qualifications of surgeons and anesthesiologists are uneven, and there may be crowds of people watching the operation alone.

It is operated by a well-known expert in the field of minimally invasive gynecology, followed by senior anesthesiologists throughout the process.


Surgery trauma and heavy bleeding, long recovery time, seriously affecting normal work and life.

Operation trauma less bleeding, fast recovery, effective saving of human , material resources and more affordable.

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