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Common symptoms of gynecological inflammation

Gynecological inflammation includes female vaginitis, vulvitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, urethritis, cervicitis, etc. caused by various reasons. The female reproductive system is often infected with various inflammations, such as vulvar itching, burning, swelling and pain, vaginal congestion, leucorrhea and bean dregs, excessive leucorrhea, pain during sexual intercourse, frequent urination, urgency, painful urination, lower abdominal distension……

  • Vaginitis
  • The most common urethritis
  • Severe cervicitis
  • Painful pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Very itchy vulvitis
  • Illegible attachment inflammation
  • Clinical symptoms:
    Vaginitis is clinically characterized by changes in the characteristics of leucorrhea and vulvar itching and burning pain as the main clinical features. Pain during sexual intercourse is also common. When the infection involves the urethra, symptoms such as pain and urgency may occur.

    Clinical hazards:
    According to different types of vaginitis can cause other vaginitis diseases. For example, trichomonal vaginitis can cause urethritis, cystitis, infertility, etc.; bacterial vaginitis can cause genital infections and pain during sexual intercourse.

  • Clinical symptoms:
    The symptoms of female patients are even more atypical. Many women mistakenly think that they are symptoms of gynecological diseases and do not pay attention to them. Commonly include: increased leucorrhea, slight itching of the vulva, slight burning in urine, and slight discomfort in the urethral opening.

    Clinical hazards:
    Female urethritis can cause various uncomfortable symptoms. After the bacteria infect the urethra, it will cause an abscess on the urethra. As a result of scarring in the future, the urethra will be narrowed, and the patient will experience difficulty in urination and small urine flow. Patients will have symptoms of perineal pain and lower back pain, which can lead to infertility in severe cases.

  • Clinical symptoms:
    1. Acute cervicitis: increased leucorrhea, purulent, with low back pain, lower abdominal discomfort; 2. Chronic cervicitis: more leucorrhea, milky white, mucus-like or bloodshot in the leucorrhea, or bleeding during sexual intercourse, accompanied by vulvar itching, lumbosacral Head pain, worsening during menstruation.

    Clinical hazards:
    Cervicitis may cause infertility: Once cervicitis is not treated, it can easily turn into cervical erosion. When cervical erosion occurs, especially moderate or severe cervical erosion, cervical secretions will increase significantly, the texture is sticky, and there are a large number of white blood cells, which will have an adverse effect on the mobility of sperm, prevent sperm from entering the uterine cavity, and affect pregnancy.

  • Clinical symptoms:
    Pelvic inflammatory disease is divided into acute pelvic inflammatory disease and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Patients with pelvic inflammatory disease are susceptible to fatigue. The scar adhesion and pelvic congestion formed by chronic inflammation can cause lower abdomen swelling, pain, and lumbosacral soreness, which are often aggravated before and after fatigue, sexual intercourse, and menstruation.

    Clinical hazards:
    Due to pelvic stasis, patients may have increased menstruation, ovarian function damage may have menstrual disorders, and obstruction of fallopian tubes can cause infertility. Because the combination of sperm and egg requires a very complicated process, the sperm needs to pass through the barriers to reach the uterus. Layers of screening will play a blocking role regardless of any problem. If the implantation position is wrong, it will also cause Ectopic pregnancy.

  • Clinical symptoms:
    Symptoms of acute vulvitis: The patient first feels discomfort in the vulva, then itching and pain, or a burning sensation. At the same time, there may be swelling and congestion in the vulva area, skin and mucous membranes to varying degrees, and erosion, ulcers, or appearance in severe cases. Massive eczema.

    Clinical hazards:
    Suffering from vulvitis can affect women’s fertility. Vaginal inflammation can cause increased vaginal discharge, unclean menstrual pads, urinary fistula or anal fistula, and urine irritation in diabetic patients, which can cause vulvar inflammation, and often vulvar skin itching, pain, ulcers, and ulcers Cracks, and even narrow vaginal opening, affecting sexual life.

  • Clinical symptoms:
    The symptoms of acute adnexitis are mainly acute lower abdominal pain, accompanied by fever; chronic adnexitis has abdominal pain of varying degrees, chronic inflammation recurring, prolonged for a long time, causing pelvic hyperemia, connective tissue fibrosis, and adhesion of pelvic organs.

    Clinical hazards:
    The inflammatory stimulation of adnexitis can cause fallopian tube edema, thinning of the mucous membrane, which is not conducive to the combination of sperm and egg, and if it is not treated in time, the condition will be aggravated. The fallopian tube will be blocked due to the necrosis of mucosal epithelial cells, which will affect the passage of sperm. It can not reach the uterus in time when it is combined with the egg, which may cause ectopic pregnancy and threaten women's health.

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Delayed death of gynecological inflammation leads to "disaster"

  • 1 Endanger fetal health

    If it is a pregnant woman, it can cause intrauterine infection and birth canal infection, resulting in miscarriage, premature delivery and other consequences.

  • 2 Affect the life of couples

    Gynecological inflammation can cause bleeding, pain and fatigue in couples' lives, and in the long run it can cause sexual frigidity and threaten relationships and marriage.

  • 3 May induce malignant transformation

    Cervicitis, endometritis, etc. may have malignant lesions, which can cause great harm to women's lives.

  • 4 Cause female infertility

    Gynecological inflammation may cause infertility and affect harmonious family life. In severe cases, it may also lead to divorce.

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Watch out for the four major misunderstandings in treating gynecological inflammation

Misunderstanding one

All kinds of gynecological inflammation are treated blindly

Misunderstanding two

Medication alone has big side effects

Misunderstanding three

Use lotion to destroy your own resistance

Misunderstanding four

Failure to follow the course of treatment causes disease rebound

5 advantages of medicine + physical therapy

  • 1

    Quickly sterilize and relieve itching in 5 minutes, remove odor

  • 2

    Completely prevent bacteria from spreading along the reproductive tract and blood circulation within 8 hours

  • 3

    One week can increase the dominant bacteria to balance the microecological environment in the body

  • 4

    The new model of pure green treatment does not destroy the acid-base environment in the vagina

  • 5

    No need to be hospitalized, go with treatment, safe treatment, economical

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Drug + physical therapy applicable population

1 All patients with gynecological inflammation

2 Patients suffering from one or more gynecological diseases

3 Patients with one or more recurrent gynecological inflammations

4 Patients with gynecological inflammation who are improperly treated and incompletely treated

5 Especially suitable for gynecological inflammation patients who wish to give birth

6 Gynecological patients suffering from diseases such as uterus and breast and before and after abortion

7 Patients with gynecological inflammation who do not damage any body tissues

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