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From the moment you know you are pregnant, the first thing you need to do is to set up a profile. It is very important for expectant mothers to establish a file in order to facilitate the hospital to track the entire pregnancy and monitor the growth and development of the fetus

According to Article 14 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Maternal and Child Health: Medical and health care institutions shall provide health care services during pregnancy and childbirth for women of childbearing age and pregnant women.

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Advocates for the establishment of a profile as six to eight weeks after pregnancy

What is the importance of documentation during pregnancy?

1. Make a full record of all the information during pregnancy, effective and scientific health management.
2. The hospital will uniformly inform the pregnancy check, fetal monitoring, and expected date of delivery.
3. The health knowledge of pregnant mothers is incorporated in the card manual.
4. In case of emergencies during pregnancy, some hospitals generally do not accept pregnant women who have not been filed, severe cases are life-threatening.

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HarMoniCare Pregnancy File Establishment Process

Just explain to the staff that you are doing the inspection for the first time and provide your ID card and the checked information to create a file. Other incomplete documents can be reissued later.
Routine inspection: check NT, urine routine, blood routine, liver function, etc. (according to the doctor's order according to personal conditions) without long waiting, fast and accompanied by the guest consultant; after the inspection, the file is completed.

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Features of HarMoniCare Pregnancy Archives

    • After the file is established, professional doctors will formulate a personalized delivery plan for you based on your obstetric examination and on the basis of fully respecting your personal wishes. The delivery plan will assist you in preparing for delivery during pregnancy. The expert team of "one" obstetric consultation management will accompany you in the delivery process, fully protect the safety of you and your baby, and let you gain a happy delivery experience.

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      7×24 hours professional service to help you experience happy childbirth

    • According to incomplete statistics, pregnant women in the 6-8 gestational weeks are the information blind spot period, also known as the "pregnancy blind period". At this stage, pregnant mothers have not yet started the routine check-ups, their knowledge reserves during pregnancy are small, the exchange circle of pregnant friends has not been established, and their understanding of necessary matters related to pregnancy is vague. Therefore, we actively advocate the establishment of files in 6-8 weeks, hoping to help women get professional health care guidance in time during the first trimester, so as to better overcome the "pregnancy blind period" and enjoy the happy process of nurturing small lives with a calm attitude.

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      Advocate 6-8 weeks to build files to accompany expectant mothers through the "pregnancy blind period"

    • The premise of gentle delivery is a systematic and professional antenatal examination. We have prepared different prenatal examination packages for pregnant mothers, and assisted pregnant mothers to receive prenatal examinations on time through meticulous and considerate humanized services, so as to determine fetal development and their own safety to achieve a smooth delivery.

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      Scientific system for pregnancy check-ups, meticulous and thoughtful services

    • After the file is established, pregnant mothers can obtain professional health education guidance, psychological guidance during pregnancy, and comprehensive, scientific and systematic mastery of pregnancy knowledge through service items such as "pregnancy school" and honor club courses.

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      Multi-dimensional value-added services to enjoy happy pregnancy

    • A strong expert team is the core of excellent medical care. The top three doctors are gathered to form an authoritative expert team, all with decades of rich clinical experience and influential.

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      Top three experts sit for consultations all year round to protect the health of mothers and babies

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