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Pregnant Women Yoga Guinness Challenge, 2015

Date 2016-05-28
  Event Place
  Caesars Palace, Window of the World, Shenzhen
  Registration Time
  From Sep. 12th, 2015 to Oct. 20th, 2015
  Event Date
  Oct. 25th, 2015
  Registration Methods
  1. Call us from 0755-33919139/33919125
  2. Send emails to us:
  Application Guidelines:
  1、 If you are pregnant for 12-32 weeks, you can join the Guinness Yoga Challenge for free.
  2、 Please bring your prenatal checkup documents and we will have a free checkup for you in our hospital. After checkup, if your pregnancy is allowed, you will get the challenge invitation.

  Information you may want to know:
  1、 You will get two tickets for Window of the World, gifts and chance to win lucky draw. Also, you can get a Guinness certificate.
  2、 You can bring one family member to the event to take care of you.
  3、 You can join us even you haven’t done Yoga before. We will have a 35mins lesson before the challenge. All the movements are simple and safe.
  4、To join this event, here are the things you need to bring: your passport copy, invitation ticket and gestation week certificate. You can also bring your own necessary stuff. We will provide free yoga cloth, yoga mat, snacks,drinking water, resting chair and wet tissue.
  5.、There will be safety guards, professional obstetrics doctors and ambulances to insure your safety.
  6、 If you feel any uncomfortable during the challenge, please raise your hand and tell the staff nearby.
  7、 You need to pay 250RMB if you want to get a Guinness certificate.
  8、 If you want to go to bathroom before challenge, please raise your hand and our staff will direct you.

  Notice:Please don’t leave your location during challenge, otherwise you will not be admitted to this challenge.
  Warm Tips:
  1、You should bring passport and invitation ticket to check in and get a code, then the staff will guide you. The family member should watch the event in the waiting area.
  2、 After check in, please follow our staff to your location and don’t walk around.
  3、You can bring mobile phone with you and please ask your family member to keep your valuable stuff.