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Home Medical Listed On The Main Board In Hongkong

Date 2015-07-12
Original Title:The Biggest Private Maternity Hospital In China——Home Medical Listed On The Main Board In Hongkong Stock Exchange

The biggest private maternity hospital in China——Home Medical Shareholding Co., Ltd listed on main board in Hongkong Stock Exchange. Company chairman of the board and CEO Lin Yuming claimed that Home Medical is dedicated to becoming a leader in Chinese high-end medical service market and provide best medical care for women and children.

Home Medical (1509) closed public offer on 30th June. On the first public offer day, the international quota was snapped up by four famous international investment companies. By the end of public offer, Home Medical was overbought 7.7 times with a highest price limit 7.55HK$. According to the public data, Home Medical offered 210.81 million shares and raised 1.5916 billion HK$.

Since last year, Chinese medical stock market is hot. Many listed companies are involved in medical industry.

Comparing with public maternity hospital, private maternity hospital has three advantages. Firstly, private hospital provides more comfortable environment and thoughtful service. Secondly, private hospital is willing to give better salary in order to recruit experienced doctor. Thirdly, private hospital provides more efficient and professional services for patients.

Home Medical Shareholding Co., Ltd which is the biggest private maternity chain hospital has substantial market share as well as professional medical team and JCI accredited standard.

Home Medical Shareholding Co., Ltd has a rich experience and professional medical team with 484 doctors including 66 senior doctors, 128 associate senior doctors, 151 attending doctors and 139 medical residents. In addition, the average qualified medical personnel for 1 patient are 1.63 which is much higher than government standard 0.88. Thus Home can provide better, detailed and unique service.

In the future, Home will keep focusing on maintaining and expanding the excellent staff team in order to obtain worldwide higher-quality medical care and the highest safety JCI standards. JCI certification will help Home attracts more patients and recruit more experienced doctors.