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HarMoniCare Hospital joined the British chamber of commerce

Date 2015-07-06
Original Title:HarMoniCare Hospital joined the British chamber of commerce in China and sponsored

The Britain Guangdong 2015 Golf Tournament was hold in Shenzhen Xili Golf course on May 29th.  This tournament was mainly sponsored by British Airway, and this is the first commercial activity that HarMoniCare Hospital has participated, as the member of British chamber of commerce.

In the morning, there were 120 players which include members of chamber of commerce or staffs from member companies. Most of them are senior employees who come from England. After taking a group picture, they began the game. Although the weather was a little bit hot and humid, every group was full of energy and prepared to win the game.

Shenzhen HarMoniCare women’s & children’s hospital has embraced an internationalist perspective, and become the member of the British chamber of commerce in China. Joining the chamber of commerce is beneficial to improve band awareness of HarMoniCare, to expand HarMoniCare’s international market and to develop more honored clients. In the activity hall, there was a huge propaganda poster which was written ‘Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women’s & Children’s Hospital’. It is represent that HarMoniCare operate with chamber of commerce, and be accepted and be admitted. What’s more, HarMoiCare welcome every companies to come to has further cooperation.

After the game, the principal of chamber of commerce Ms Lydia said that this is the first time HarMoniCare hospital participated activity which hold by chamber of commerce. They are so glad that HarMoniCare can join this ‘big family’. And she also mentioned that she wish that HarMoniCare hospital can develop more cooperation with other companies in the activity of the chamber of commerce  and let more people know about HarMoniCare hospital so as to achieve win-win situation.