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The 5th anniversary ceremony Shenzhen of HarMoniCare women’

Date 2015-07-06
Original Title:The 5th anniversary ceremony Shenzhen of HarMoniCare women’s & children’s Hospital

Shenzhen HarMoniCare women’s & Children’s Hospital celebrated her 5th Anniversary. In June 6th 2015. The member activity called ‘Parents’ Carnival’ had been hold at the same time. On that day, in the hall of hospital, our staffs extended a warm welcome to all customers who come to celebrate HarMoniCare’s birthday. Many clients were excited to this grand activity so that they came to hospital very early.

There were a number of people in the hall, and variety of gifts which display in the showcase. All these gifts were prepared for the special offer activity called ‘buy one & get one free’. Some parents found that they like some upscale gifts which they can get free if they become the member of HarMoniCare Hospital. Thus they directly asked our staffs how to get HarMoniCare membership. After they become the member, they get the gift which they preferred. The feedback of our clients is positive; most clients said that before they came here, they can’t imagine how beneficial activity was. They found that it is worth to come because the special offers are including slap-up maternal & children supplies and pregnancy & delivery services. As the organizer, our HarMoniCare hospital was happy to see that our clients are satisfied with our celebration. Meanwhile, in the point of view of customers, we are willing to provide better services in the future.

After nearly one hour special offer activity, every client got several gifts; then they went to the fourth floor to attending the HarMorniCare’s 5th anniversary ceremony.

Ceremony hall was full of people. The anniversary ceremony began with an opening speech by our director Ms. LI Wenli. The director Ms Li introduced the history of HarMorniCare. Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women's and Children's Hospital is the first hospital in Shenzhen City which passed JCI accreditation. In the five years, HarMoniCare has developed quickly and every staff has contributed to this development. In the past five years, HarMoniCare has perfectly completed several complicated operations so as to receive respect and high reputation from all clients. Not only has advanced technology, HarMoniCare is famous for its warm service and private consulting room. In addition, the advanced medical equipment can represent the high medical professional level of women’s & children’s hospital. HarMoniCare will keep moving and hoping it will have better future.

After director Li gave an opening speech, there was a game. This game was to let three expectant fathers experience delivery process on the special machine. After this game, every expectant father was touched, they said that they now know how much pain the mother need to bear when she delivers the baby. At the same time, every expectant father illustrated that they will love his wife more. Another game was to let expectant fathers to change diaper. Some expectant fathers change diaper backward; some made it too tight or too loose. Nurses from HarMoniCare guide expectant fathers how to change diaper correctly, and expectant mothers also learned how to do it. This game can improve expectant parents’ childcare experience.