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Special Offer for Women's Day in March from HarMoniCare

Date 2018-03-05
Happy Women's Day
  In order to celebrate the International Women's Day, HarMoniCare Women & Children's Hospital ,as the first international hospital with JCI in Shenzhen , promotes the Gynecological Healthcare Package during March,2018,the details are below.

Soft Reminder
  1.Unmarried women please consult our doctor before physical check-up.Please make sure to book your examination appointments 3 days in advance after menstruating period.Avoid vaginal douche and medication 3 days in advance before consultation.
  2.Control fatty food 3 days before your appointment and maintain normal diet.
  3.Once a package is opted,withdrawal from the package and items exchange are not allowed.不可撤销或更改此健康检查项目。
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