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Hospital News

Check-up Package for Pregnancy

Date 2018-02-02

Soft Reminder  温馨提示:
1.You may choose to add or deduct some certain items based on your needs. 客户可根据实际需求在套餐内自行增减项目,费用将对应计算。
2.Special offer for VIP membership card - 30% off applicable for the pre-pregnant check-up package and the prenatal check-up package. For more information,please contact our customer service team. 购买会员卡,支付孕前检查套餐和产检套餐的客户可享有7折优惠,更多详情请联系我们的客服团队。
3.This package only applys to Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women & Children's Hospital. HarMoniCare Shenzhen reserves the right of final interpretation and changes to this package. 本套餐仅适用于深圳和美妇儿科医院,深圳和美保留对本套餐的最终解释权和变更权。
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