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Join Us and Win 10 Prenatal Yoga Class for Free|

Date 2017-12-29

    If you're pregnant and looking for ways to relax or stay fit, you might be considering prenatal yoga. But did you know that prenatal yoga might also help you prepare for labor and promote your baby's health? Here is a list of benefits of prenatal yoga. Improve sleep quality. Reduce stress and anxiety.Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles for childbirth.Decrease lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, headaches and shortness of breath.
    Over the past 7 years,nearly 1000  foreign babies from more than 35  countries have been delivered in Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women & Children's Hospital ,which is the first international hospital with JCI certification in Shenzhen since 2011.Looking into the 2018,we aim to have safer delivery experiences by encouraging our expectant mothers to attend prenatal yoga session.

    If you are an expatriate or an international insurance holder living in Shenzhen,choose one of the delivery packages below,you will win 10 prenatal yoga class for free valued at RMB 3,500, valid from Jan1st,2018 to June 30th,2018. Seats are limited ,contact Mr Cosmo for reservation as soon as possible .
    凡是外籍妈妈以及国际保险持有者,在2018年1月1日-2018年6月30日, 办理会员分娩套餐(如下,三选一),均可免费获赠 10节 国际孕妇瑜伽课程(价值3500元,导师任选),席位有限,预订联系人:Cosmo, 138 0969 9279,0755-3391 9136.
Time:19:30—20:30,Every Tuesday ,每周二晚上
    Jack,Male,Indian,Doctor of Neurosurgery from University of Oxford, has more than 11 years' experiences with prenatal yoga.As a master of Ayurvedic medicine,he combines ancient TCM,modern medicine and yoga perfectly ,and is well received and praised by celebrities at home and abroad.
  •     ?Jack,男,印度籍,牛津大学神经外科博士
  •     瑜伽教学经验11年,孕产瑜伽教学经验7年
  •     精通印度的阿育吠陀医学,把古代医学、现代医学和瑜伽完美的结合在一起
  •     对孕期瑜伽有独到而深刻的体悟,深受国内外众多知名人士的好评和推崇

Lisa Yan
Time:14:30-15:45 ,Every Tuesday,每周二下午
    Lisa Yan ,Female ,has more than 10 years' experiences with yoga teaching ,excels in YA yoga before,during and after pregnancy.As the apprentice of Michel Besnard and Victor,world renowned yoga teacher trainers ,she obtained  RYT 200 Yoga Alliance US, internationally-accredited certification of YIN Yoga and first TRI Yoga 1000 in China . Lisa Yan keeps exploring the philosophical theory of yoga and the cultural aspects of India by following Professor WangZhi cheng ,from ZheJiang University.
  •     晏正蓉,女,十年瑜伽修习及教学经验
  •     擅长YA系列孕前、孕中及产后瑜伽
  •     师从Michel Besnard,并获得全美瑜伽联盟200小时国际认证教师资质
  •     师从Victor并获得阴瑜伽二级国际认证教师资质
  •     中国首届Triyoga 1000小时国际认证教师
  •     师从浙江大学王志成教授系统学习瑜伽哲学理论及印度文化思想


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